Our products are the perfect addition to any meal, party, or corporate event. All Five Star Brand wieners, sausages and frankfurters are expertly filled into natural casings and hand linked. They are also fully cooked and smoked. Our hams make the perfect corporate or holiday gift, please contact us for pricing.


An additional product overview can be found in our company brochure.

Old World Delicacies

Smoked Cottage Ham

Natural Casing Braunschweiger

Leona Bologna

Spiced Ham Roll


Smoked Ham Shanks

Roast Beef

Corned Beef

Canadian Bacon


Grilling Favorites


Make grilling, a snap! All FIVE STAR Brand wieners, sausages and frankfurters are fully cooked.  For quick and easy preparation, just heat and eat!  Anytime, any season or any occasion, count on the FIVE STAR Brand to satisfy the hardiest appetites!


Traditional sausages in natural casings:

Pork & Beef Wieners (Old Fashioned)

German Franks


Slovenian Sausage

Beef Kielbasi

Beef Wieners

Garlic Knockwurst

Irish Bangers

Lower Sodium Wieners

Turkey Kielbasa

Cleveland's Official OKT Paprika Bratwurst


Perfect for Barbequing, Picnicking or Tailgating

Available in 48 oz. & 32 oz. party packs and convenient 14 oz. packages!

A Selection of Hams

Flavored Boneless Hams:

Honey Cured Ham 

Bavarian Ham

Brown Sugar Ham 

Golden Hickory Ham

Virginia Ham (lower sodium, no sugar added)


Bone-In SPIRAL Sliced Ham:

Flame-Glazed Ham

Un-Glazed Ham with glazing packet


*All FIVE STAR Brand hams are fully cooked and smoked! 


Storer Meat Company, INC   3700 Clark Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109   216.621.7538   

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